Buy my play Felix & The Diligence!

So it's finally here! I just the other day got my hands on the first physical copy of the published version of my play Felix & The Diligence; or, A Play About Fishermen in the 1940's. I'm so excited! It looks pretty! 

Cover art by Chris Ams

Cover art by Chris Ams

This was my first ever play, about Felix Brown, a bookish dreamer  Felix Brown, a bookish dreamer growing up during World War II. For Felix, a life on the sea was the greatest adventure he could hope for. But will he feel differently after he has his heart broken by a mermaid, chats with sea monsters, and fights Nazi spies? Felix boards The Diligence, a dilapidated old galleon, about to embark on an illegal, high-stakes cod-fishing expedition, under the command of the terrifying Captain Chapman. Battling storms, the ragtag crew nobly risk their lives for love and cod while Felix battles the ecstatic wonder and heart-breaking disappointment of growing up and finding one's place in the world. Funny and sincere, this is the greatest play about fishermen in the 1940's you'll ever find.

Please do go buy a copy if you like fun, funny, heartbreaking stories. There's all sorts of fun. Pipeline Theatre Company long ago produced the world-premiere of this comedy, and if you happen to be on the West Coast, iDiom Theater is producing it RIGHT NOW.