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"A beautiful lesson in showing and not telling, the script, direction, and design work are all fantastically put together... Funny, touching, heartfelt, and selfish." -- Erinn Conlon, Quick Theatre

"Engaging, immersive drama... A cleverly up-ended 'kitchen sink' drama." -- Sarah Matusek, New York Theatre Review

"Transport[s] the audience into the private lives of the characters... an exploration of human interaction and co-habitation, fighting and reconciling, and the power of observation. "-- Andrew Cohen, Exeunt Magazine

"Asks some of the most existentially qrueling questions in the book. A nosy neighbor's fantasy realized." -- Victoria Santos, StageBuddy

"A must see for Off-Off Broadway theater goers. A unique and memorable theater experience... you will remember long after you have left the theater." -- Adrienne Urbanski, Theater is Easy


"Defies description.... Comedic, sure, but also kind of tragic."

- Cascadia Weekly

“An instant American classic.  Combining corruption, love and a wicked sense of humor, Day challenges loyalty and trust in a world where those are the only legs we have to stand on.  The message is loud and clear: All America needs are a few good fart jokes." 

- Emma McMullin, Artistic Director, The Tank Theater


Photo Credit: Ahron R. Foster


"Follows in a long line of camp theater that includes Little Shop of Horrors and Psycho Beach Party."

- Theater Mania


“Day mixes several plots all happening at once... with a palette of comedy at [his] fingertips. There are grand insights into relationships and society, but it’s all done with jokes, music, shadow puppetry and a sea monster or two or three. One begins to question if this isn’t the most skilled mixture of improv comedy and a straight play around.”

Show Business Weekly

"An exciting adventure... The show is an enjoyable ride."

"Here you have it: hysterical, touching, ridiculous, and rewarding...
The play mocks our naivete, but the real attack is on those who have closed their hearts. ... taking on the notion that sometimes we are nostalgic for those things we've never experienced, and only upon living them we realize that they are not at all what we thought we were getting.”


“[Colby Day] is the kind of writer who you'd like to imagine being in high school -- he has the ability to access our nostalgia and appeal to the need in all of us to look tough and be smart and not feel.” 



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"A sweet and funny snapshot of that limbo between relationships." -- Chris Watt, Watch This Space Film Magazine

Quickie Film Fest, Crest Hardware. Official Selection. 2014
Brooklyn Arts Council, Scene: Brooklyn. Official Selection. 2013
Williamsburg Independent Film Festival. Official Selection. 2013


“Working with Colby is always an immense pleasure. His writing is sharp, acerbic, and wonderfully witty. He is the only writer I have seen make the tragic death of a Christmas elf into a hilarious plot point, and he did it with style.”

actor, Kringle Returns reading

"Working with Colby is like working with an old friend I never knew I had."

director, [Untitled Time Dilation Play] reading

"Colby Day captures lightning in a bottle. He builds worlds that feel all at once intricate, magical and unabashedly authentic. His work reveals all things strange, beautiful and curiously surprising."

producer, Giant Killer Slugs

"I love acting in his plays because the characters are so damn weird and the worlds they live in are even weirder. His plays are creative, full of imagination, and mostly just plain old fun."

actor, Giant Killer Slugs, The Great Molly

"Colby Day is a writer of silly and important things. His work is infused with a dichotomy of joy and pain, focusing in on the gray area where both meet at once. He creates adventurous and colorful worlds for his characters to play in, often satirizing and warping traditional narrative and genre with his wickedly ridiculous humor, giving his audience a glimpse of a familiar yet totally new world. He rocks my socks."

director, Felix & The Diligence; Giant Killer Slugs

"Colby [Day] is hands down one of the best writers I've ever worked with. His writing is so saturated in feels like you could walk on to stage or into frame and poke any of his characters and they would just look you in the eye and talk to you for hours; tell you about their lives, their days, what kind of salad dressing is best, their mothers least favorite relative or the rain boots they loved as a kid. They're that on the edge of bursting with life, and yet he wrangles them just down into the context of a play, a screenplay, a short story. And there's a cleverness too, a cleverness that as an audience member or a collaborator, you never feel on the outside of. He's like one of his characters, calling you closer, just bursting to tell you about the secrets of the universe."

director | co-writer, I Don't Want to Kill Myself

"Colby has: the bravery to bear his guts and go out on wild limbs. The insight to make you see the truth about yourself in space, underwater, or in your living room. The poetry that will hold onto you, echoing and swirling within you long after the curtain has come down."

director, Kitchen Sink Experiment(s) reading

"Colby Day’s writing has a presence that is astonishing in its ease. He’s a weaver in how he builds, piecing together so many different parts with such grace and dexterity. His [untitled time dilation play] is complex but so uncomplicated. Affecting and gentle. Profound and funny and elegant. I would normally think of the soul as something that lives somewhere near someone's heart. But I think Colby Day’s soul might live somewhere closer to his brain, up in those smart little synapses, and it’s a pretty beautiful thing to experience through his work. "

actor, [Untitled Time Dilation Play]

"Colby's irrepressible wit and facility with cinematic and theatrical conventions is unmatched. He reintroudces us to familiar archetypes and simultaneously adds a subtle heartbeat and a heightened camp. He surprises us with characters and stories we thought we knew. The result is profound and inescapable comedy. 

actor, [Untitled Time Dilation Play], Paddle with Me

"Colby's irrepressible wit and facility with cinematic and theatrical conventions is unmatched. He reintroudces us to familiar archetypes and simultaneously adds a subtle heartbeat and a heightened camp. He surprises us with characters and stories we thought we knew. The result is profound and inescapable comedy. 

artistic director, Pipeline Theatre Company

"Colby is smart, approachable and a great collaborator. He has a knack for sharp, witty dialogue and an impressive ability to create characters who are incredibly accessible but also complex and unique. Every time I act in Colby's plays I have a fantastic time, partially because his writing is so fun to perform, and partly because Colby is a great person to work with. You can tell that he loves working with actors, and that he truly values our opinions and feedback. Colby is a playwright that every actor would be lucky to work with. "

actor, Felix & The Diligence, Our Entire Relationship

"Working with Colby is a treat. Kringle Returns was such an amazingly absurd and hilarious project to work on. Everyone in the room was very excited to be there and Colby's writing allowed us to play with so many different crazy characters."

actor, Kringle Returns Reading