News about the News about the News!

Very excited to say that I'll be creating some theater for Fresh Ground Pepper's upcoming event: NIGHTLY NEWS.

Come see weird theater created and based on the current events of the same day we hear about it! WEIRD TIMES. November 13th @ 7:30PM.

Come come come come come.

Come come come come come.

I'll be doing a real solid collabo with Willy Appelman, Daniel Johnsen, Ben Katz and MAYBE Dylan Lamb? He has yet to respond to our emails, so if you see him, please ask him to call me back.

There will be great stuff from all sorts of people, including: 
The FGP Nightly News Team: Todd Dakotah Briscoe & Ariana Seigel
Emma Horowitz
Brooklyn Soundpainting Company
Drew Weinstein & Natalia Lopresti
Fancy Mantelpiece
Claire Rothrock & Stephen Stivo Arnoczy

Visit the Facebook event page for more info.